A cool video on Teaching in the 21st Century

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I like this video, it shows the activities that can be done in the classroom to engage students in motivating ways. I like the author’s point of view in terms of students do not need to be entertained, but they need to be engaged. We sometimes forget to differentiate between these two important ways of thinking. This video has been created with a strong knowledge base, and thoughtful review of what is out there in 21st century classrooms. The author lists the resources that our students can have access to in helping them to learn information by different methods of learning. Teachers are to create an atmosphere to teach students more than contents and facts, to teach skills that students need in life. Students have more questions in how to fix their car, or how to arrange their finances for a car or a house in future, how to plan for their classes, all relates to having some skills.

Students need the skills of how to use the technology to improve their problem solving, or writing a story. They need to learn how to use their access to the internet, twitter, cell phone, Wikipedia, Mp3 player, Google, you tube, and many other resources in efficient and meaningful ways. How can they validate the information and handle the resources? Students learn many other skills when they use their access in technology in their school work. They learn blogging, podcasting, animating, recording, paraphrasing, programming, tagging, reflecting, networking, locating, searching, that can help them to create and design with a better understanding of information and ability to produce an innovative result. They also use the access of technology to engage in their learning by collaborating, searching, networking, relating, reflecting, and self assessing.


Here is my video…





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  1. spollgre

    Thanks, Aryan! This is a good reminder that we teachers are not there to serve our knowledge to students but to help them gain knowledge, concepts, skills and know what to do with it so that they can go on to become skilled nurses, scientists, teachers, etc. The same is true of technology. As our facilitators have reminded us in Destinations Circles, our students use this technology all the time; it’s not going away. Why don’t we harness it and teach them how to use it in valuable and effective ways to enhance their learning?

  2. usingh

    Great info. Destination has been a way for me to get charged for another year with great ideas to better serve our target population/customers (our students) and I look forward to this event every year..


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