It’s an Infographic Syllabus!

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Click the picture above to examine this more closely. It’s an infographic syllabus for an online Comp II class. All the necessary information is included for college requirements.

The only thing missing? About ten pages of drollness. This is created using Piktochart, a free infographic-creation software using cloud technology.



6 Responses to “It’s an Infographic Syllabus!”

  1. hramirez12

    I love your infographic syllabus. Have you encountered any obstacles using the infographic syllabus instead of the traditional syllabus format?

  2. bsartor

    How fun! I like that you have a ‘sticky note’ from a student as part of the infographic. Great way to present a syllabus. It clearly states expectations and due dates without being overly stern and off-putting. I think it could generate excitement for what they can look forward to doing and learning in the course.

  3. dsanders8

    I absolutely love this!! Students are much more visual and need such attention grabbers!

  4. Buffy Pilloud

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this ‘outside the box’ syllabus format. I love the colors, textures, variety of fonts and creative use of design.


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