Test Taking Strategies

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Carol E.  Miller

Title: Test Taking Strategies

Class: SLS 1121 (Student Life Skills).

Time Frame: Face-to-Face

Introduction: Test taking strategies is an important component for Student Success. This note taking lecture is designed to learn the various techniques that are available!. I lecture on true/false, matching, multiple choice, computer-graded, short answer, and essay questions.

Learning Objective:

Students learn and utilize the most up-to-date techniques for ensuring they will earn the highest grade possible. The powerpoint below explains the various concepts discussed in the lecture.


Chapter_6_TestTaking_Strategies_Powerpoint Updated [Autosaved].pptx



YouTube Clip (approx. 10 minutes with discussion):To introduce the subject as a rap song from Flocabulary. This film will capture their attention and relate this material in an up-to-date genre.

Play video


This interactive video is given during class. This has a listing of 25 test taking tips that students can use for this Student Success course and for the entire collegiate career.  The presentation involves 25 techniques that have been proven to improve scores and comprehension. They will learn strategies for success taking true/false questions, multiple choice questions, computer-graded questions, short answer, and essay type questions. Students are encouraged to apply any technique that would ensure their success on exams. They will learn the importance of reading directions, reviewing answers and making sure they have completed all questions, leaving no blanks, to ensure the highest score possible. Emphasis is on the importance of reading the material, writing good notes and attending all lectures, ultimately, they are taught how to systematically cram for tests!







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