The Constitution of the United States

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John De Graca

Title: What the Constitution of the United States of America is?

Class: Political Science 2041: The United States Government

Introduction: As a professor of Political Science teaching the US Government, one of my goals is that my students must possess a deep knowledge of the Constitution from its inception to date. The Constitution was institutionalized in 1788 and since than it has been the supreme law of the land. It frames and organizes the government of the United States and establishes the relationship among the federal government, the states, and the people (citizens). The Constitution’s major features include the Preamble, the Articles (seven), the Amendments (twenty seven), the Separation of Powers, the Governing Principles the three branches of the government should know. Emphasis will be made in dissecting the Amendments, notably the first ten also known as the Bill of Rights.

Media: I plan to use both infographic and video to help explain “What the Constitution of the United States of America is”

Infographics: An infographic depicting “What the Constitution of the United States of America is” is shown at the beginning of the class to illustrate the components of the Constitution and how they are related. It is available at

Video: I also plan to show a series of videos to further illustrate “What the Constitution is”. Links to these videos follow: The Philadelphia Convention available at

The Articles  of the Constitution available from

The Bill of Rights:

Other videos may be used for further illustration

Interactive Engagement Strategies: Videos, infographic and other discussions will be implemented in class.

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