Love with Microbiology (good microbes)

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Singh Final Project

Discipline: Biology

Video Title: Simple Science – The Micro-Organisms Song 

Categories: Science, Education

Time Frame: The very first day of class

Introduction: This is a really good video to take away fear of students taking this class of Microbiology that all microbes are bad.

Learning Objective: Students will gain perspectives on the good and bad microbes especially their uses in our day today life in kitchen .

Why I picked up microbiology?
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Infographic- This is a funny comic describing the reasons why one should consider picking up microbiology

Published by  Michal Vilimovsky – See more at:

Text:  Microbes are both good and bad. Our body is made of eukaryotic cells, however, we have 10 x much more prokaryotic cells (microbes) in our body. Those are there staying in a symbiotic relationship with us either as mutual (both benefit), commensal (microbe benefits but does no harm to us either) and parasitic (bad ones, gets benefit and cause damage too). Good microbes are called normal flora and we have a lot in our GI system. The video on infograhic and youtube why I chose Microbiology is to cater to our students, the latter being our target population. Hopefully, after seeing this video, our students will not have fear of working with microbes and who knows- some might start of thinking of developing a career out of Microbiology.


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