Are You Scared of MERS? Let TED Tell You.

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MERS is a new type of viral respiratory disease that has recently been reported in a couple of confirmed cases here in Orlando. The causative virus is MERS-CoV, a corona virus similar to those that cause the common cold. It qualifies as an EID, emerging infectious disease. It has caused some people to be concerned. Is it going to spread quickly to cause an outbreak here in our locality? How deadly is it? Is there a cure for it? How about vaccine availability? Know the facts! This is a TED-ED lesson designed to inform both students and anybody interested about this new emerging infectious disease.

Here’s the link to the TED-ED Lesson: It’s MERS Not MRSA! 

A well informed citizen is ready to cope with an impending disease outbreak like this one. The field of microbiology is a very dynamic one. Case and point, we always hear about new diseases that catches our attention. So, it’s MERS after all not MRSA.


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  1. usingh

    Great. This is so informative. I agree by this post since many times we get confused between MERS vs MRSA.

  2. bsartor

    Great infographic and TED talk! My students have been all ‘abuzz’ about MERS the past few weeks, they are preparing to enter clinical rotations and they were a little scared. We talk about MRSA in class and they feel confident that they can protect themselves, but with the media hype about MERS, they developed concerns. This TED talk could help them a great deal.


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