Final Draft Plan: The Black Death

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Andrew Kinsell

Title: The Black Death

Class: EUH 2000, Western Civilizations I

Introduction: The focus of my class on the Black Death is not the disease itself but the societal impacts the Black Death had throughout Europe.  In order to accomplish this goal I will include a short video and a primary source (Boccaccio’s Decameron).  I plan on including an infographic of a painting depicting how the disease spread to go along with the video and primary source.

Video: The Black Death, Causes and Cures


Interactive Engagement Strategies: Students will discuss the different reactions that society had to the Black Death including how the lack of understanding of the disease led to misconceptions on its causes and preventative measures.  Discussions will take place in small groups, after which I will open it up to a classroom forum.


Writing Assignment: Before class students will be emailed an excerpt from Boccaccio’s Decameron and will answer the included reading questions in a short 2-page essay due at the end of the class.

Additional Learning Activities: In addition to the video, infographic, primary source and discussions I will include a brief powerpoint/lecture.

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