Now Introducing….Start Here Orientation Video

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Introduction: This video will be a link in the preemail that is sent to students prior to SPC 1017, Interpersonal Communication (online) course starting. Students will be notified that they will be producing an introductory video the first week of class and to visit the Animoto website in advance.

Welcome to SPC1017


Interactive Engagement Strategies: When students begin the course there are a variety of activities in the Start Here module designed to get the student off on the right foot. One is an introduction on the discussion board. Instead of having students post a written introduction, students will create a 30 second introduction video about themselves. The student will post the link to the discussion board and students will be asked to view and respond to 2 student posts and then reply to those who have commented on the video.

Infographics: animoto

Writing prompt: Go to the Animoto website. Create a free 30 second introduction video. You can use words, pictures, animated characters, music, etc., to introduce yourself to the class. I have posted my introduction to the discussion board if you want to see an example.

Dr G Outside BB

Once you create your video and save the link, create a discussion board and post the link to the Start Here Orientation discussion board by creating a new thread. After you have posted your video link, view 2 other student links and write your comments on their video introduction. Be sure to go back and reply to those students who viewed your video.

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  1. Buffy Pilloud

    Thanks for the info on the Animoto website. I love the idea and I hope to create one also. Your video was fun to watch:)


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