Threaded Lesson: Is the War on Drugs a War against Minority Communities?

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Heather Bryson

Lesson: The War on Drugs

Introduction: Is the War on Drugs a War on Minority Communities?

Short Lecture: History of the 15th Amendment, the Voting Rights Act, and the War on Drugs

Video: Ted-Ed – Bryan Stevenson “We Need  to Talk about an Injustice”

Group analysis(5 or 6 small groups):

Analysis of Three Pieces of Evidence

1. Infographic on Mass Incarceration Rates in U.S.

See below (p. 2)

2. Nancy and Ronald Reagan’s Speech concerning the War on Drugs


3. A document selected by the group

Class Discussion: Should we end/change/tweak the War on Drugs? Who does is hurt? Who does it help?



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