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Gina Dalle Molle

Title: “The States” History and Geography in Action

Class: I plan to use mine in my EAP 1500 Speech Class

Introduction:  I have an existing group speech project that I do in EAP1500.  I already have the students responsible for creating a power point as part of the speech.  I have been thinking that I could have the students use either the green screen technology or create a youtube video of their own for their state.  I think this could engage the students in a couple of ways.  They could use green screen or a video to help bring their state “alive” for the audience and really take them there.  Also, the students would most likely be trying something new and do something that they didn’t know they could do.  This could bring them confidence to take on other new things.

Video: I introduce the lesson by having the class watch a video from the History Channel on Florida to give the students an idea as to what information they can share with the class about their states.  The students are responsible for taking notes during the video. States #6 Florida, Indiana, Washington, Utah, Rhode Island (search Florida from the history channel states series)  I give the students a handout with questions from the video.  The students first work in groups to fill out the handout, and the we go over it as a class.

Interactive Engagement Strategies: After the speeches have been presented, I could put the names of the states (the ones that were the presented in the speeches), on post-its.  I would have students get into the same teams they had for their presentations.  I would give each team a set of post-its to put on their foreheads (each team would have the same state.)  Working in the teams and using clues from what they learned in the speeches, the students would have to talk to the other teams to figure out what state is on the post-it on their foreheads.
Infographics:  Map of the United States
Speech Assignment:  In a group of 3 or 4 members, create and develop a 9-15 minute presentation on your assigned state.

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