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5 binders with papers inserted

Laurinda Lott

When I first enrolled in Destinations, I had a goal to find a new way to enhance a current portfolio project that is used in most of our Teacher Education courses.  This assignment that I am posting is slightly different than most as it is not just a simple lesson plan to be completed in one day/lesson; it is a more comprehensive ‘lesson plan’ for 2 major projects: an ePortfolio project that will be used throughout at least 3 Teacher Education Courses and a Teacher Education Website overhaul using the Circles of Innovation WordPress website idea.

Title 1: Teacher Education ePortfolio via WordPress

Class: EME2040 Intro to Technology for Educators, EDF2005 Intro to the Teaching Profession, EDF2085 Intro to Diversity for Educators

Title 2: Teacher Education Website via WordPress

Class: this will be for all students/faculty and/or prospective students to refer to for information about the Teacher Education Program.

Title 1 Project Introduction:


Valencia College offers Teacher Education courses that will transfer to any state college’s Teacher Education Program. We offer 7 different courses, 3 of which are required prerequisites for entrance into the Teacher Education BA Programs: EME2040 Intro to Technology for Educators, EDF2005 Intro to the Teaching Profession, EDF2085 Intro to Diversity for Educators. Teacher Education faculty are looking for a course-wide portfolio platform to use in all courses so students are not designing different portfolios for each class.


As a course leader for EME2040, I have used Google Sites for EME2040 portfolio but want something more user friendly, graphically appealing and ratable. Therefore, I am proposing that the Teacher Education Portfolio use WordPress as their required platform for all Teacher Education Course portfolios that will allow for easier navigation, creativity, and peer review via ratability and comments/feedback options.

See this example of a Teacher’s Portfolio: Teacher eportfolio example



Since we will use one ePortfolio for the 3 prereq courses, workshops will be offered to students outside of class. The workshop will assist students in setting up their WordPress ePortfolio and allow them time to ask questions. Teacher Education Faculty will conduct these workshops.


Students who do not wish to attend a workshop may use an online tutorial like the ones posted below. These can be used by any student (face-to-face, online, hybrid) as it will be posted in the Teacher Education website.

Here is an example of a tutorial to set up the Website/portfolio in WordPress.

Wordpress tutorial

I will create my own WordPress video/screencast for the project like this one I did for Google Sites:

Screencast JING Portfolio in Google Sites

Project Outline:

The ePortfolio will be designed by each student but have common required tabs and assignments/artifacts. Each course will have different assignments/artifacts but place them within the tabs allotted. Students will be able to use this ePortfolio once they leave Valencia and add/delete information as needed.

Information inserted in the ePortfolio should be the student’s best work. Therefore, initial assignments will be graded/given feedback by the instructor and then revised by the student to add to the portfolio.

The initial design will be the following:

About Me Tab:


  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • Digital Mandorla


  • Teaching Philosophy



  • Resume/CV
  • Professional Photo

Projects tab:


  • Lesson Plan (includes at least 1 form technology)
  • Screencast lesson (Jing)
  • UDL Video subtitles (
  • Group topic Presentation (Google Glasses, online surveys, online comic strips, edmoto, digital books)
  • Field Interview
  • Skype Conference
  • Grant Prezi presentation


  • Compassionate Movie Review
  • Marketing Plan for the next 4 years


Reflections tab:

Reflections of various topics/content of course. In the Teacher Education Program, we are supporting an Authentic Assessment model that will allow students to have something to ‘show’ their mastery of the subject/topic. The ePortfolio is not a place to put copies of tests, quizzes or final exams as most interview committees will not be able to ask questions about these kinds of assessments and students should not present work that is not their best work.

  • Analysis of Course Objectives
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Instructional Design comparison
  • Blooms Taxonomy vs. Flipping Blooms Taxonomy
  • Annotation of Chapter 8
  • Open Honest Questions
  • I, too, am An American poem
  • Educator’s Hall of Fame with APA references
  • SMART goals fro Midterm conference
  • Classroom Management

Educator’s Toolbox tab:

This is a place to post interesting articles, TedTalks, blogs, teaching techniques and activities. Students can use this as a receptacle for information gathered throughout their courses that will be helpful in their future classroom.

  • Social Media Policy
  • Principles for How We Treat Each Other
  • 3-5 TedTalks
  • 20 teaching techniques gathered from education courses

Professional Development tab:

As future educators, students are encouraged to attend workshops and trainings for skills they may need or find interesting. All educators will continue to learn and are required to attend professional development courses to keep their teaching certificate active. By supporting this professional development model at this stage of the student’s education, it will show the importance of continual learning throughout the student’s career as an educator.

  • Certificates of achievement
  • Workshops (Skillshops, Smartboard training, iPad Savenger Hunt using Twitter)
  • Certifications received

Field Observations tab (EDF2005):

  • Observation Reflection
  • Photos
  • Artifacts
  • Teacher interview

Social Media and Cloud Computing Review tab:

  • Facebook in the Classroom
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Word Cloud
  • Youtube
  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs, Slides and Spreadsheets


Title 2: Teacher Education Website via WordPress

Title 2 Project Introduction:

Currently, the Teacher Education Program is using a page within the Valencia College site to house their information about the program. We are investigating other options that may meet our needs for students.

Know our audience:

  • Teacher Education students
  • Students looking into the Teacher Education program
  • Teacher Education Faculty
  • Advisors


In the current site with Valencia, we face several challenges.

  • We do not know how many students are accessing this information
  • We do not have a way for students to engage with the material. It is very one sided.
  • Making changes to the site must be done using an old program called Contribute that is only accessible via limited computers.   The faculty member in charge of updates uses a MacBook Air, which Contribute cannot be installed. This proves to be a huge challenge as most Teacher Education faculty are adjuncts and work remotely.
  • The Contribute software is very difficult to use and has limited capabilities.
  • Websites are not interactive.

Needs Assessment:

  • More interaction
  • Feedback
  • Ability to make updates as the need arises
  • Storage of files and important information for students
  • Ability to know who is looking at our site
  • Effectiveness of information presented on site

Website Platform Change:

  • Instead of using the current Teacher Education page set up within the Valencia College Website, use WordPress to create and manage our site
  • Create a WordPress site similar to Circles of Innovation where Valencia can support
  • Have a link directly to the Teacher Education site with a URL
  • WordPress will allow for students or viewers to rate the content.
  • Ability to get site statistics, hits
  • Easier to make changes and update
  • Give Teacher Education faculty rights to add content
  • Search feature within the site


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