World of Robots

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Johnny Mickael

World of Robots – Computer Science

Class: Computer Fundamentals and Applications CGS 2100



Introduce students to a real life example by completing Excel Datasheets project with Valencia College IT Department so that they applied the principals and outcomes of Excel Datasheets with Valencia College IT Department or nonprofit organizations.


Video: I plan to start with TED video()




Interactive Engagement Strategies



Infographics: As we begin to have classroom discussions on computer science jobs, I am going to share the following infographics. I am also going to be showing them how to search for infographics and how to use Google Operators.



Screen Casted instruction on how to use the cloud based document

Students need to record a single meeting on-site orientation. Also, they need to prepare a PowerPoint slides on this experience. At the end of the course students will do a 10-15 minutes presentation about the outcome of this activity as well as their personal reaction.


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