Small Group Communication

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Class: SPC 1017, Interpersonal (online)

Introduction: I am creating a small group communication Softchalk lesson to help students understand what is a group, how groups are formed, the challenges and rewards of working with groups. I have also included information on teams to provide a better understanding of the difference between groups and teams. A variety of infographics, videos, reading , check your understanding quizzes, and an assignment using Google Hangouts.

Video (each video has a picture or symbol to play it):

Big Bang Theory, The Dumpling Paradox video (2:22)

Big Bang Theory, Assembling a Media Center video (1:52)

Tuckman’s Group (1:20)

Penguins demonstrating team work video (:30)

Social Loafing defined video (:33)

Great Team Work video (1:17)

Inspirational Team Building video (2:49)

Google Hangout Tutorial (1:51)

The Ultimate Google + Quick Starter Guide (9:31)

Interactive Engagement Strategies: Students will complete check your knowledge quiz and then share with group members. Group members will be assign roles and tasks.

Infographics: forming, storming, norming, performing (one for each and one showing all stages)

Writing prompt: Identify the character and the group positive and negative group interaction roles in the Big Bang Theory clip.

Group assignment: Students will be placed in a group of 3-4. Each group will find video examples of group roles. Students will post video in Group area in Blackboard and watch each others video. Students will come together on Google Hangouts and choice one video for the group to present to class.  The presentation will be recorded on hangouts and shared with classmates.

Other stuff you would put in a lesson plan: still working on the Google hangouts details.

Small Group

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