Go the Distance with Space Aliens

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Special Thanks to Shalini Gopalkrishnan for sharing aspects of her lesson on distance with Circles of Innovation.

Class: Developmental math II

Introduction: When we teach students about distance rate and time, it seems rather academic. This video will engage students on some applications to it. We all know about cars and speed etc. But what happens if we wish to go to space. This humorous video shows us how to calculate it using distance = rate and time and they use a competitive model.It also makes sure that the steps for learning this is done, and not some “pure” engagement strategy, but a teachable tool


Interactive Engagement Strategies: Students can also do a similar competitive race in class, by breaking into two groups, using a green screen where some students could film and time the race and others could calculate distance


In keeping with the space theme, this shows distance and using speed of light, we could have students calculate time to other stars  http://www.space.com/18964-the-nearest-stars-to-earth-infographic.html


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