Standing up to High School Bullies

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For those of you who are parents with school age children, you may find the inspiring story of Maya Van Wagenen useful when counseling youth on navigating the corridors of high school. While there have been many books  (and movies by John Hughes and others) which explore what can be a minefield of awkward positioning for social status, this article describes a book by a girl who recently succeeded at conquering a bad case of bullying, and moved up from social pariah to popularity with a majority of her schoolmates.

Here’s the link from the Independent (Irish) news:

The result is a very upbeat tale, and with Dreamworks looking to do a movie, this message could help a lot of young people prosper during a time in life that for some is more about survival. This can also spark some in-depth conversations among those who experienced bullying in high school. One participant in our recent Circles training mentioned that her son experienced bullying in the Orange County School System. While my sons were fortunate to have never experienced that in high school, it still exists in some area schools, and Maya’s story could make a difference in some lives.

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