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Textbook Costs up over 800% since 1978

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Boundless is a service hoping to combat the high cost of textbooks, driven by the oligopoly enjoyed by the text publishing industry. As this article points out, 80% of all college texts are published by just 4 companies – Pearson, Cengage, Wiley and McGraw-Hill:   http://blog.boundless.com/2013/04/the-cost-of-textbooks-is-too-damn-high-so-boundless-made-free-ones/?/   Please contribute additional comments and links on the […]

Language Learning App: DuoLingo

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Special thanks to Aysha Aslam for sharing this wonderful app with Circles of Innovation. According to Aysha, you can use this app to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese, and you can do it for FREE! The App is working to bring free language education for the world: https://www.duolingo.com/  Here’s how it works: Somebody who […]