Nightly News: Homework Diner Serves Up Success

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One of our Strategic Goals at Valencia College is to “Partner with the Community”.  A recipe for success in academia must incorporate partnerships with multiple pathways and support from varieties of disciplines.  To truly be a “gem” of a program there can be a little love and dining – simply sharing a meal still is one of the best “hubs” of learning around the table.  How do you meet more than just the minds of your students?

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  1. Lauri

    One of the ways I foster relationships and learning is to host lunchtime chats in the Valencia cafeteria. I park myself in the cafeteria for a few hours, bring a table cloth, some sweets, and wait for students to come. As an adjunct, I don’t have an office and many students feel a bit shy coming to office hours anyway. This creates a sense of relaxed conversation.


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