Threaded Lesson- Linear Regression

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Here is a threaded lesson that I created for my mathematics class.

Step 1)  I will have my students check out this infographic before class and be ready to discuss at the beginning of class.

Step 2)  I will show this youtube about the relationship between wealth and health.

Step 3)  After watching the video we will have a short discussion about what the students think about the video.

Step 4)  I will present them with the question, “Is there a relationship between your height and your arm?”

Step 5)  We will watch this Myth Buster videos to spark their interest in using data to figure out myths.

Step 6)  I will pass out rules and papers so the students can record their heights and arm span in inches.

Step 7)  I will use this workshop to record a sample of the data and work on creating a scatter plot and other things we have learned from the previous class.

Worksheet for Activity:

Class Notes for the entire chapter:

NOTE:  During the lesson the students will work in groups and we will incorporate the graphing calculator.  We will end class with a classroom discussion.

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