Destination: Circles Track 2014 Exit Ticket Results featuring Tagxedo

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Assessment is often a dirty word in higher education, but we’re getting better at figuring out what can/should be measured every day. On the last day of Valencia College’s annual profession development program Destination, the 2014 Circles of Innovation Track participated in a snowflake activity as an exit ticket for the five week experience. The snowflake activity involves asking everyone to write a thought on a piece of paper with a snowflake on it, crumpling the piece of paper up, and throwing it towards the activity facilitator(s). On this occasion, we asked for (1) top takeaways and (2) wishes from the experience. A clever way to visually analyze the results is through use of a free program called Tagxedo, which visually represents the data by making a word’s size representative of the number of times the word was mentioned. For¬†example, if “engagement” is written 12 times and “ideas” is written three times, “engagement” should appear four times larger than “ideas.”¬† We are thrilled to have received such valuable feedback that can be made digestible at a glance with Tagxedo!

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  1. Lauri

    Love the apple! Wonderful feedback. I teach my students about word clouds and how they can use many of these word cloud apps and software with their own future students one day. There are many word cloud apps that have an educational aspect to them. Imagine using word clouds to help students write their spelling words but in a design that is beautiful and fun to look at rather than a list. And mixing the words up in different directions will assist visual learners!


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