Teaching “Naked”!

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This article by Jose Antonio Bowen appeared in a recent AAC&U newsletter and is based on his 2012 best seller Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning. I particularly enjoyed this excerpt:

As faculty, if we are primarily concerned with transmitting content, then our value will only decrease. The Internet contains a much broader selection of lectures, demonstrations, animations, and examples on more subjects, in more languages, and with a greater variety of approaches, methods, and pedagogies than any professor, department, or even entire university can provide. If, however, we are more concerned with faculty-student interaction; the design and sequence of learning experiences; the application, analysis, and synthesis of information; the motivation of students; and, especially, the increasing complexity of students’ mental models, then the value of what we do will increase.

{sic}…based on Fink’s model, what I call the “Teaching Naked Cycle” looks more broadly at the choices of sequence and design and at how technology expands opportunities for interactivity. By using new communication technologies, rethinking course assignments, and creating online quizzes, we can help ensure that our students come to class prepared for the more challenging activities and interactions that spark the critical thinking and change of mental models we seek.

The Teaching Naked Cycle: Technology Is a Tool, but Psychology Is the New Pedagogy

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