Movenote: Presenting Made Simple

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Special thanks to Professor Richard Gair for sharing this App with Circles of Innovation. As soon as I saw it, I had to give it a try. I downloaded it to my phone and made the test video below in just under a minute. It was super easy! It definitely has me thinking about how I can share it with students and get them to present information.


Movenote is a simple App that allows the teacher (or students) to create a simple slide show with one window showing the teacher (or student) speaking and a side-by-side window with the Handouts, Power Points, pictures, etc displaying in live time. According to Richard,  the video doesn’t seem to a time limit and can be loaded into Blackboard.  Richard has used it to record three lessons so far, with positive feedback. Give it a try, I did and it was easy. I was able to install it on my phone, ipad, and on my computer in no time, and I was able to create an account for free. Thanks again Richard and please feel free to share apps with us at any time. (Special Note: As you are viewing the Movenote below, please note that you can move the image around to see the entire picture if it doesn’t automatically resize on your screen)

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