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Assignment: Remove the nut from the shaft

Are we teaching the right things at school?

Thanks in large part to my participation in Circles of Innovation – Fun Theory Challenge, I have been trying some new things with my First Five this semester. For those of you not familiar with the term, the term First Five relates to the activities that teachers have ready to go in their classrooms as students are arriving before class. These activities start before the class starts, often spill into first five minutes of class, and are designed to get students thinking, engaged, and ready to learn. If you have a great First Five activity that you would like to share with the Circles crowd, click here. 

This morning, I was pleased to read a message shared by one of my students (and as soon as I get his permission, I will post his name here), but long story short, he shared the video below which I think makes for a wonderful discussion spark. I am so grateful to have students who not only keep conversations going, but who enjoy engaging in conversations about learning beyond the assignments of my course. How wonderful is it to be a teacher. I digress. Anyways,  after a little research, I found that the video comes from Radio 1 (Belgium). Where as part of a weekly discussion earlier this month, they posed the question

 “Leren we wel de juiste dingen op school?”

Google translated the question as, “We learn the right things at school?” The website translation read “Are we teaching the right things at school?” I would love to hear from any Circles fan experts we have willing to add in their thoughts on the translations. The distinction between learning and teaching alone sparks some questions in my mind related to expectations for faculty and students in our constantly evolving educational landscape, but, to me, the video really pushes that conversation to the next level. So, I hope you enjoy the video.



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