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The Next Generation Infographics: GIFographics

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Combining animated GIF’s into Infographics makes them more eye-catching and keeps the attention of those who are easily distracted (SQUIRREL!). These sites showcase how this technique can be used to create compelling presentations of data, and could inspire students to challenge the static PowerPoint slide: www.gifographic.co.uk www.dailyseoblog.com/gifographics/ blog.visual.ly/animated-gif-infographics  

The Library – Not for stuffy stuff anymore!

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I never thought that the library only contained higher level contemplation material.   But then, I live here.  I get to see a lot of the fun stuff in our collection all the time.  I only hear whispers of people postulating about ancient texts and boring books.  Really?  In our library?  Not a chance!  We have […]