The Library – Not for stuffy stuff anymore!

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powI never thought that the library only contained higher level contemplation material.   But then, I live here.  I get to see a lot of the fun stuff in our collection all the time.  I only hear whispers of people postulating about ancient texts and boring books.  Really?  In our library?  Not a chance!  We have seriously fun learning objects (let’s not use the term “tools,” shall we.)  One enhanced area I’m really excited about is the new additions to our graphic novel collection.  Now, before you say, “What!  Comic books?” please know that graphic novels are finding mainstream acceptance in literature, history, humanities, and political science classes, just to name a few.  In fact, check out our libguide on graphic novels and  discover some of the instructor-specific materials on using graphic novels in your classroom.    Same Bat time…but a different bat channel!  Questions?  Comments?  Let’s talk!


Diane Dalrymple

Librarian – East Campus


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