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How many apps are there currently in the leading App Stores?

10*8*5*50 = No way to catch up or stay ahead using 20th century models of work. We need to do a better job of crowdsourcing.

Who is this?

Question: What is the more common name of the project with the code name “Gandolf”?

Answer: Microsoft Encarta

In 2009, Microsoft Encarta with its 62,000 articles was digitally Darwinized by Wikipedia which now has tens of millions of articles. For those of you interested in Digital Darwinism, you might be happy to know that 88% of the fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 are gone today. Moreover, Estimates expect 40% of today’s companies to be gone in 10 years, but I digress.

Question: How did Wikipedia beat Microsoft?

Answer: Crowdsourcing



With approximately 300,000 educational apps in the app store, no school alone will be able to stay ahead of the curve. We need to work together and crowdsource the best teaching and learning. Circles of Innovation is an effort to make that happen. Our goal is to invite you to share your favorites. Click here to share. 

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