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The other day I had a request from Neil Phillips asking how to update facesnotspacesour Lync Profile pictures. In other words, how do we put our pictures so that our smiling faces show up when we send email or use our new Lync communicators. When I realized that the technique that I had used years ago was no longer available, I contacted OIT, and after a bit of a search, we found the new instructions and I then made the following training video for Circles. I sent an email back to Neil (half joking) that he now had to pay it forward and get 3 more people to update their Lync Profiles. He did forward it, and I am now wondering, could we really get everyone to do this? I really hope this catches on! What a great resource this could be for putting a face to a name at our college. So, if you are reading this, the challenge is on! Watch the video or read the instructions below and then pay it forward. Nominate 3 people and have them nominate others. Let’s see if we can get all employees at the college to have updated Lync Profiles.

Video Instructions

Cut-n-Paste info for Easily Challenging Others

If you would like easy cut-n-paste instructions for the email you send to your three nominees, here you go. (Special thanks to Michelle Foster for sharing this idea to help keep the challenge going)


Have you noticed that some of our colleague’s personal pictures appear in email headers or on the new Lync Communicator? Would you like to add yours? Well, thanks to a fourty-two second training video from the Circles of Innovation team, we now have EASY instructions and a challenge! Here’s the “3-Step Plan”

  1. Click on this link and watch or read the quick and easy instructions: http://circlesofinnovation.valenciacollege.edu/2014/11/13/updating-your-lync-profile-picture/
  2. Update your Lync picture at this link https://mysite.valenciacollege.edu/ (Use your Atlas Log-in)
  3. Cut and paste this section to three other Valencia colleagues and challenge them to repeat the “3-Step Plan.” Theoretically, we could have the entire college updated in 6 or 7 forwards from now [considering exponential growth]. Go for it — you’re officially challenged!\


Written Instructions

If you wish to add a photo of yourself to Outlook and MS Office Communicator/Lync, place a copy of your photo (good taste, please – we are an educational institution) in the My Pictures folder on your computer. Go to https://mysite.valenciacollege.edu/ and log in with your Atlas credentials.

  1. Click on the top tab “My profile”
  2. Click on “Edit My Profile” (under the silhouette)
  3. Scroll down to the entry for “Picture:” and click on choose picture
  4. Browse to “My Pictures” and select your new picture
  5. You may add additional information about yourself
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save and Close

NOTE: It may take up to 48 hours before the systems are fully synchronized and your picture becomes published.

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