A Good Way to Understand!

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“To understand is to stand under which is to look up to, which is a good way to understand.”- Sister Corita

Today I opened my browser to Google something and saw that Google was honoring Corita Kent’s 96th birthday with a special page. And her quote (above) inspired me to make this post to Circles. For a while now, my three kids (9, 9, and 7) have been using the voice search capabilities built into Google, I have also shown them the search by image feature, but they prefer the fun of saying “Ok Google” and then asking a question. In fact, at home, all of the our computers, tablets, and phones have the Google app installed and my kids just instinctively shout out, “Ok Google” and get answers to just about anything they are thinking about. “Ok Google, what’s the weather like?” “Ok Google, go to Edmodo or Xtra Math” My kids don’t type in their searches when logging in to do their school work, it is all voice search. They have a fundamentally different way of understanding the world around them. When I asked my college students if they used this feature, I learned that most were completely unaware they could search like this. So for those of you who would like to learn more, or perhaps share these ideas with your students. Here is some more information to help you stand under and look up – It truly is a good way to understand. Thanks Sister Corita! Enjoy!

Voice Search

Image Search


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