LikeYoYo and More Fun with GIFs

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Special thanks to Carl Creasman for sharing this idea with Circles of Innovation. After discussing yesterday’s post, Learning in a Giffy, Carl read about a new web app called LikeYoYo which turns GIFs into interactive animations. To read the Fast Company article he was reading, click here.

LikeYoyo is a new online app from Turkish designers Mehmet Ali Sabuncuoğlu and Berkay Yildiz. Simply put, this app allows users to make GIF-video hybrids that are interactive. When a cursor is moved across the image, the video loop plays forward or backward depending on which direction the curser is moved, and dragging it slower or faster makes the image move in slow-mo or speed up. Stop at any time to see a single frame from the animated GIF. Take a look at the example below.

To test out the new tool, I shot a quick GIF using a free app on my phone. I use 5SGIF. 5SecondsApp is a FREE app that allows you to create animated GIFs from your photos and videos. 5SecondsApp allows you to edit animated GIFs by applying filters, changing playback speed, an adding your own text! It’s extremely easy to create animated GIFs with 5SecondsApp. So, I created a quick animated GIF of some flowers at my front entry and added the words Example Text to demonstrate that feature. Then I used my free account at LikeYoYO to create the interactive animated GIF below.

Long story short, it was fun and super easy to do, moreover, I started to get quite a few ideas of how I could ask my students to create interactive realia to use in class or to help better teach a variety of subjects: art, architecture, 3D science animations and more. So…How might you use LikeYoYo in your class?

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