FSA, I’m Gonna Rock

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I recently had an opportunity to Partner with the Community, give back a little, and share some of the skills I have learned while at Valencia. Last week I worked with the wonderful students, faculty and staff at Bentley Elementary School in Seminole County on a Music Video designed to help motivate the kids as they prepare to take the FSAs (Florida Standards Assessments). I must admit, there is a lot of excitement in that school. Kind of makes me wish I could go back and be a kid again. Anyways, long story short, here is the video we shot.

While working on the video, I was reminded of the many ways video can be used in and out of the classroom. Perhaps I will work on a couple of posts to showcase that. Most of us are walking around with production studios in our pockets and don’t even know it. Or possibly worse yet, our students do know it, but we aren’t asking them to cultivate their creation skills while learning our content. How could we better enlist them in co creating learning with video. A few weeks ago, the 25 episode of Emmy-winning sitcom “Modern Family” took place solely on a MacBook screen and only being shot with cameras from iPhones and iPads. If the TV students can produce prime time content from what most of us bring to school, why aren’t we doing it? For those of you who don’t have iOS devices, Google and Microsoft offer many of the same features with their devices. Kind of begs the question…How might we better use video with our students? Any thoughts?


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