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Research in behavioral economics indicates using Post It notes can increase how people react to handouts and surveys. In 2005, Garner found that response rates doubled when Post-It notes with hand-written requests were attached to survey materials. In 2012, the Irish Revenue replicated the study and found that among the 300 randomly assigned businesses, after 15 working days, response rates were 36% for the trial group and 19.2% for the control group (p < 0.001).  Apparently Post It notes can double response rates. So, that begs the question… What happens if you put post it notes on feedback to students? Or perhaps, what if we had Post It Rubrics we could use to put on tests, or to give advice for drafts of papers?

Perhaps you could use Post Its for editing?

Perhaps you could use Post Its for formative feedback

I am sure you can think of many ways Post Its could be used to increase engagement and learning. And if not, you might be surprised by the number of teaching ideas on the 3M Post It page for Teachers. It is a great spot to spark ideas.



Video Instructions

Instructions and Links

1) Print out the PDF Template with Instructions

2) Attach 3 by 3 Post Its to that template (be sure to center the Post Its the best you can in the boxes)

3) Download the Microsoft Word Doc for Creating/Editing Post It Notes and create your Post It Printables using the template. In the spaces provided in the document add words, images, whatever you want. If you want to add the OMG image above, just right click and save it to your desktop so that you can add it into the form in Word. (Hint – when you save the document, make sure you click on the maintain computability button)

4) Place the PDF Template with attached Post Its in your printer and Print.

Thats It! Enjoy! and feel free to share the idea with friends.



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