Digital Darwinism and the Dawn of Generation C

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Digital Darwinism  Just finished reading Digital Darwinism and the Dawn of Generation C. It is a very fast read that offers some interesting ideas that are food for both thought and conversation, so I wanted to share it with the Circles Audience. In it, Brian Solis talks about how Generation C is changing the game. According to Solis:

“Generation C, [the current consumer and content driven generation is] a human network that efficiently relays information, emotion and experiences in real time. [However, they are] not a group bound by age but by connectedness… Every new friend, like, and follow helps individuals create their own personalized digital ecosystems, or ‘egosystems.’ The egosystem is where Gen Cers are literally at the center of their online experiences. The people, brands and celebrities they follow revolve around them.”

Here are a few conversation starters that I got from the article…

Rousing not just an audience, but a connected audience with and audience or audiences (page 4)

“by the very nature of the egosystem, businesses [and schools I assume] must now augment this approach to genuinely reach and engage people in connected domains where customers are kings and queens of their own castles if your strategies are personalized to match behavior and expectations and are engaging in design, you can rouse and activate not just an audience, but a connected audience with an audience of audiences. The audience with audiences is the new market opportunity.”

The currency of the digital economy isn’t money; it is attention. (page 6)

We move one step away from online introvert and one step closer to becoming digital extroverts. (page 7)

Digital Darwinism (Page 14)

“Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than some companies’ ability to adapt. over 40 percent of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010.  In the last several years alone, we’ve witnessed the severe hobbling or outright demise of seemingly invincible brands in the U.S., including Blockbuster, Circuit City, Borders Books, Tower Records, Pontiac, Saturn, Palm and many others. Digital Darwinism is a merciless reality of business, and other iconic brands are at risk of irrelevance.”

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