Using Movie Trailers with Generation C

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This post was written as both as a demo/reminder for Destination 2015 – Flipped Learning and to share a teaching strategy for engaging Generation C, but before we get into that, have you had a chance to see our video trailer?


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 The Strategy

Have you heard of Generation C (Generation Content)? Students today live in a world where it is easy and cheap to produce content. 10 years ago, students would have had to pay around $5000 for a camera with enough capability to shoot and produce videos. Today, those same capabilities exist in the average smart phone ($200). In fact, a recent episode of Modern Family was shot entirely on iOS devices. Moreover, iMovie comes FREE with iOS devices.imovie

If you are worried about not having an iOS device, no biggy. There are Android apps that allow students to develop content too. For example, have you seen WeVideo? It’s Free


So what does that mean for teachers? Well students today are content producers. Did you know that currently there are 12.5 days of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day. Simply put, this generation is producing an amazing amount of content? Are you asking them to produce content for your courses? Have you given any thought to how you can harness their natural interest in viral content, to help make your learning go viral? 

For those of you who are TED talk fans, here is a TED talk on Generation C. There is also a Good Read by Brian Solis Digital Darwinism and the Dawn of Generation C. In that Solis notes that “[This New] audience that was once captive is now universally connected, difficult to reach, and
engaging online….[They] create their own personalized digital ecosystems, or “egosystems… [where they] are kings and queens of their own castles.”  Which begs the question, how can we best use their “Digital Egosystems” to promote learning and the best exchange of our learning content?


Well long story short, teachers all over the country are using the iMovie app (available on iOS devices) or Android apps like WeVideo to have students make movie trailers, book trailers, chapter trailers, cut scenes from books and trailers, create experiment shorts, and more. What are you asking your students to do? Remember, you don’t have to teach them, just ask them! You might be surprised by what they will produce.


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