Jing for Video Feedback

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Special Update: This is no longer the Circles Recommended tool for making screencasts. We would recommend you try Screencastify. Unfortunately, because Flash in no longer a recommended file format and Jing makes it easy to create Flash Files, it is simply better to use a different tool. Unless, of course, you want to try to convert your flash files with a file converter, which can be tricky and doesn’t always work.



I have been using Jing since about 2008; it is my go to tool for giving feedback to student writing or student questions in my hybrid and online courses. Recently I have been getting more than a few questions on the technique so I decided to put together this post to help others learn more about how Jing can be used in their classrooms. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions; I am always happy to share teaching ideas. You can email me here.

Here is a link to the TechSmith page where you can download your free copy. 

Here is a link to the Jing Tutorial Page 

Here is a quick introduction video


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