EDpuzzle: Make Any Video Your Lesson

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As part of Destination 2015: Flipped Learning, the Circles team wanted to share a technology that would  allow teachers to easily curate great videos and then flip those videos to create interactive out of class content.Of the many technologies we tested in preparation for Destination 2015, EDpuzzle was the most robust with the easiest interface. The tool also allows you to easily embed and track your EDpuzzles in Blackboard (or on your favorite website). You can track and control student use of videos, ask students both closed and open ended questions. Moreover, it allows for handouts, video comments, and even more. There is even a way for teachers to assign students to make their very own flipped learning videos. So, long story short, if you would like to try something new in your flipped classroom this year, you might want to start with an EDpuzzle. Below, we have rearranged some of the training videos provided by EDpuzzle so that you can learn more about how it works. The seven videos below take about 10 minutes total to watch. Once you have watched them, you will be able to go to http://edpuzzle.com and create a free teacher account and start flipping videos.  With EDpuzzle, you really can make any video your lesson.

EDpuzzle Demo

Sharing EDpuzzle With Students

Adding Questions & Handouts

Cropping Videos

Adding Audio Notes

Understanding EDpuzzle Analytics

2 Responses to “EDpuzzle: Make Any Video Your Lesson”

  1. Lauri Lott

    I am not taking this Destinations course (doing the Action Research one) but will continue to follow you all and learn from all these great tools. This one is awesome, as I already flipped all my classes. Can’t wait to play with this! Thanks for the idea! It takes so long to research all these great tools and posting them here after someone has done this research and can explain why it is helpful is a great way to share best practice!

  2. Sharon Sookhai Mahadeo

    I have cropped videos for use in class but have not taken the opportunity to manipulate curated content to such an extent as using voice-overs or including questions ‘as part of the video’, I have always done those separately. This is new and exciting! Will definitely try!


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