A digital “To-Do” List–Get started with Padlet

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Padlet is a free web tool that acts almost like a virtual “bulletin board”.  Users can collaborate on a Padlet wall to brainstorm, share ideas, or present content. You can post to a Padlet wall from any web enabled mobile device! And yes, you can embed a Padlet wall in Blackboard. There was a Circles post on Padlet not too long ago 🙂

Anytime a new tech tool is shared, it’s very overwhelming to learn the tool well enough to integrate it seamlessly into your classroom workflow. So today, I will share a new Padlet “wallpaper” that can digitally replace something most of us already do with paper and, in turn, will ‘teach you the tool’ at the same time!

We all make “To Do” lists. Some of our lists are on post-it notes scattered all over our desks…some are on an index card (or two)…some stay in our handy dandy legal pad of lists! Some of us even venture out to digital to-do lists on our phones or Outlook (or, dare I say, both?). Regardless of how you keep the list, you may want to try using Padlet as the tool for your digital “To-Do” list in order to get to know Padlet, organized your tasks, and at the same time, find inspiration for using the tool in your teaching practice.

Here’s how:

1. Start a Padlet Wall

2. Change the wallpaper to the new “My Tasks” wallpaper

3. Start organizing your To Do List. To post to Padlet, double click in the space under the column you want your post to appear in and a box will appear for you to type, upload an image, video, document, or link to a website. What a dynamic To-Do List!!!

4. Find inspiration for how this can play a powerful role in your work with students 🙂

Thanks to Richard Byrne at Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week for the image and the share on the “To Do” Padlet Wallpaper!

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