A Flipped Lesson: Fusing a Video with a Formative Assessment

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The following post is a part of the Flipped Classroom series from the 2015 Summer Destination Program: 

Special thanks to Nicolas Navarro for submitting an example of a flipped lesson that he has prepared to teach geometry and unit conversions to students in his Developmental Math class.

The basic idea of flipping a lesson is that the instructor wants the students to come prepared to class with the general knowledge of the subject matter, and to understand it well enough to apply it in a higher-level learning activity, by demonstrating mastery of the concept. What many of our Valencia instructors have found beneficial is the practice of preparing the lesson in video format and having the students complete a formative assessment, or some form of a pre-class quiz, before they partake in the in-class activity.

Formative Assessment: Online Lesson/Quiz

In professor Navarro’s class, he has used Camtasia Studio to not only demonstrate the overview of a project that students will be partaking in at Edgewood Children’s ranch, but also to test their comprehension of the project as they are watching the video through multiple choice questions. Professor Navarro will then be able to see who all has signed in and how successful they were in their pre-class video quiz. This will be their entrance ticket to class.

To try out professor Navarro’s formative assessment video quiz, click on the image below:


In-Class Activity

His in-class activity has the students form groups and research information about Edgewood Children’s Ranch, and assign roles of Team Captain, Bookkeeper, photographer and people to measure the field.

Out-Of-Class Project and Summative Assessment

At some point during the term, students will demonstrate mastery of various geometric properties of the soccer field, and for their summative assessment they will reflect on their experience. The idea behind this project is to introduce students to a real-life application of geometry.


Kudos to you, Nicolas, for your active approach to making geometry concepts real to your students, and also for coming up with a formative assessment to prepare your students for the in-class activity!

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