Let’s Hangout

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Like Apple’s Facetime & Microsoft’s Lynk (Now called Skype for Business) Google Hangouts allow teachers and students to get together virtually, to chat, text, videoconference and more. Students can easily install Hangouts on their devices or run Hangouts right from inside of their web browsers. Since many students already have Youtube or Gmail accounts (Remember Google owns Youtube), this means they have a single sign on to all of the features and apps. For example, using a gmail/youtube sign in, students can easily save and share Youtube files, make and share screencasts directly in the browser, write and be tracked in Google Docs, participate in hangouts, and more. These services also tend to work just as well on the lower end Chromebooks and Android devices as they do on the higher end Mac and PC devices. Google’s cloud based design makes these tools more user friendly and they often require less OIT support getting students prepared to chat. If you would like to learn more or join me on Google Hangouts and give it a try, check out the video below.

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