Mathematica for Education

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Special Thanks to Joshua Guillemette, Professor of Mathematics, for sharing this teaching tool with Circles of Innovation. According to Joshua, Mathematica is a computational engine and data visualization tool that uses natural language input.  Basically you use it to “compute” queries instead of “search” queries.  For faculty across disciplines I think the best feature is that it has a huge number of databases to which it is connected.  Those connections allow you to visualize things like GDP, population growth, spread of Ebola, and the demographics of countries.  There is also a feature that creates sliders to manipulate a “variable” so you can see how things change. You can purchase it HERE, for $195 for the full desktop version or $95 for a one year license (pending verification of employment at the school).

Joshua has been using these tools for about three years and finds them useful for lessons and demonstrations. He is hosting a presentation on Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha next Tuesday. If you are interested in how you might better present data or use these tools to improve learning in your classroom he encourages you to come out and see the presentation.

Presentation on Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha

Tuesday, September 22nd

1:00-2:00pm, including Q&A

East Campus – Room 8-242


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