Embedding 101

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Special thanks to the inaugural participants of the TED Talks Faculty Development Course. I made this video, in large part, due to their questions related to embedding content. I realize now, after creating the video and the title for this post, that I probably should have called this “Advanced Embedding” because I already made a basic video that was part of that course earlier this semester.For more information on that course, click here.

If you would like to see the basic mashup and embed content I created for that course click here.  However, because that video didn’t really cover all that I wanted share about embedding, and because I got some great questions from the participants,  here is a new video for those of you interested in trying some new Teacher Tricks related to embedding. Feel free to watch the entire video or just the parts you are looking for. If you are watching this on a computer, in the first few seconds you will notice a Table of Contents and some links that allow you to jump directly to the content you are looking for. Just click and go if you are interested.  Since I know that some of you will be viewing this post on a smart device, I will share the TOC below.  Enjoy

Table of Contents


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