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So…Who is Generation C, and more importantly, am I part of it? Chances are, if you are on this page, you saw our “Which Generation Are You?” Survey. If not, feel free to take it. Click here or on the image to the left. You can also learn more about how to make your own social media surveys by clicking here.

Did your digital preferences trump your age demographic? Are you part of Generation C?

Technically, Generation C is not really an age demographic, Generation C is a way of life. The four C’s in Generation C are Connection, Community, Creation and Curation. The video below will give you a quick introduction. You might also want to check out Think With Google’s “Meet Gen C.


Below I have shared some of my favorite quotes from Google’s Gen C YouTube Audience Study. As you read through them, think about how Generation C’s preferences are changing the way we teach and interact with students today. Oh yeah, and don’t forget…

***Starting next week, Circles of Innovation will be meeting to discuss Flipped Learning. A learning model tailored for Gen C. You can find more information about that below. Hope to see you there!***

If you have other ideas or techniques for teaching Gen C, we would love to hear them. Click here to share. 


They live in the present tense, connecting across all screens, all the time, everywhere. 59% say the internet is their main source of entertainment and 38% turn to their phone first when they want to be entertained, with 66% spending the same amount of time or more time watching online videos compared to TV.


Always on and always interacting, 55% say they’re connected to 100 or more people through social sites, while 15% are connected to 500+ people.


The act of creating has become second nature to Gen C, but they’re selective, only adding something when they think it’s relevant and they can have an impact. Eighty-three percent of Gen C have posted a picture they took but only 42% post pictures every week, while 65% have uploaded a video they created, but only 25% upload videos every week.


More than one in three say YouTube is their most important or second most important source of entertainment online, and 46% think of YouTube as an alternative to TV.

Circles of Innovation: Flipped Learning

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model where the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed—flipped! Students engage with course content (eg. punctuated reading, short video lectures, narrated presentations, etc.) in preparation for class so that class time is freed up for active and collaborative learning. This is a great strategy for teaching Gen C. If you would like to join us, feel free to just show up. Or if you would prefer, you can register by clicking on any of the links below.

West – Oct 13th @ 1 in 6-326  & Oct 14th @ 4 in 6-326

East – Oct 13th @ 1 in 4-148 & Oct 14th @ 4 in 3-113

Osceola – Oct 20 @ 4pm in 4-304

Lake Nona – Oct 20 @ 1pm in 122

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  1. Brian

    Looking forward to the conversation about Flipped Learning today at the Lake Nona campus! I can see just how my students utilize YouTube to find a helpful video related to course content. I am excited to learn about other ways to engage my students.


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