Playbuzz: Viral Quizzing for Gen C

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So, if you have been on a computer or smart device in the past few years, you have likely taken a survey, quiz, or personality inventory. You know the type I am talking about: “Name that Veggie” “The Star Wars Quiz.” Facebook is loaded with them, and most would have a hard time finding news and information websites not employing these click bate quizzes. Anyways, in a recent Circles Post, I jumped on the band wagon and added a quiz called “What Generation Are You?” After building and posting the quiz, I realized that some of our Circles fans might like to learn more about how I did that. So, if you are interested in an easy to use social media quizzing tool that you can use to help make your content be more viral. You might want to check out the Playbuzz Academy.

Below is the video tutorial I watched before creating The Gen C Personality Quiz. Enjoy, and feel free to share with us how you are using interactive quizzing with your students. We would love to help you share your best teaching strategies with our Circles audience.

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