ThingLink and Interactive Images

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ThingLinkthinglink is a tool that teachers can use to make images interactive. So, do you have images or infographics you like to use with your students? Why not make them interactive. Link them to other images, web pages, audio files, videos and more. You can then use these interactive images to present. Why make a PowerPoint when you can present from within the infographic you are using? You can also assign your students to get creative and make their own learning ThingLinks directly from their smartphones through the ThingLink app. Click here for iOS.  Click here for Android.

To give you an example of a ThingLink, we decided to make an image of some of our recent Circles posts that you may have missed. Roll your mouse over the image and click on any of the ThingLinks to link to the content.

Want to learn more? We also made you this quick introduction to ThingLink video. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “ThingLink and Interactive Images”

  1. Carl E Creasman Jr

    Great find James. Question…when the image URL is copied into ThinkLink, is it there forever? Or is it dependent on the hosting site? Meaning, you took the image from West Campus…if they went back in and took down that image or changed the URL…does that impact your ThinkLink? Overall, it looks like a great tool.

    • James May

      Great Question Carl! To be honest, I am not sure. The embed code does use a “src” source tag but I am not sure what that would mean if the original content was taken down.


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