Circles Salon 2015

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This week, Circles of Innovation met for our first ever Circles’ Salons. These salon styled sessions offered participants the opportunity to select from a menu of brief videos to stimulate creative thoughts and spark our discussions. Our videos featured the innovative work of Valencia faculty and staff and also drew on TEDxSalons & the Caffeine Buzz, with a variety of Bricks, Clicks and Teacher Tricks that you can use in your own classrooms.  Thanks for joining us; it was  a lot of fun, and as always, we shared strategies you could immediately implement with your students. If you would like to learn more about our Salon Sessions, please feel free to contact a friendly faculty fellow James May @ East & Winter Park; Claudine Bentham @ West; and Steve Cunningham @ Osceola & Lake Nona Also, if you missed the salon, please feel free to look through this post; it serves as the outsourced memory for our session. 


This month we sent out two prEmails prior to our session. Not sure what a prEmail is? Click here. If you missed them, the first was on ThingLink. You can learn more about that by clicking here. The second was our Magic in the Classroom reminder. You may recall the video below. Don’t worry, we reveal the trick and share how you can do it with your students at the bottom of the page.

Our ThingLink

In the past, we have led Circles with PowerPoint, Prezi and some other tools, this month we are playing with ThingLink. A tool that allows teachers to easily make images interactive. To learn more, click here.

Bricks & Clicks

This month we wanted to share three different frameworks for guiding discussions. Our first was…

Whip It

1) Ask a question that students can provide a quick phrase or couple of words to answer. For example: What concerns do you have about your upcoming test?

2) Provide them some think time. (30 seconds- a minute) Tell them that they need a 2-3 word response to the question. Repetition is ok!

3) Once you are ready to start, each student in order provides his or her answer with no discussion or comment in between until everyone has gone.

4) Once everyone has gone, the teacher can facilitate a conversation about the themes or patterns they just heard in the group as time or function allows.

We also shared some ideas that can be adapted and adopted for use in the classroom and online. Since we were meeting face-to-face, we decided to add a clickable with Post-It Printables. To learn more about that, click here or watch the video below.  Or  Get the PDF Instructional Handout!  and  Get the Microsoft Template. 


To make it easy for you, we went ahead and made Post-it printables for each of the discussion types we shared. Just click on the links below.

Sherlock Journal  

Four C’s

FLORIDA Journaling


The Reveal



For those of you interested in the solution or wondering how to do the trick in your own classroom, watch the reveal video below. Click here or on the picture to the right to get the template with instructions. Have fun.

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