Augmented Reality – Interview with Rob McCaffrey

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Special thanks to Rob McCaffrey for taking some time to share with us a little bit about Augmented Reality. Never heard of it? Well, basically, Augmented reality (AR) is the superimposing of digital information onto the real world as viewed through a smart device. In other words, point your smart device at the real world, and somehow the technology magically augments what you see into an augmented version of reality.

Teachers across the disciplines are using augmented reality in a variety of ways. For example, check out the learnAR website for some free and easy ways to use AR tools for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, English, Math and more. The GIF below is an example from the biology resources.

For those of you looking to learn a little more, you might want to check out this great TED talk from the Aurasma team.

Here is a handout for some quick resources on how you can use AR with students. 

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