Magic in the Classroom

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In some ways, teaching is like magic, it is usually done in front of a crowd, and when teaching is done right, it inspires wonder and excitement. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a magic trick at a conference, and I started thinking about how I could incorporate magic into my classroom. I had seen some interesting TED talks on Mathemagic and Cyber Magic, but I was at a loss for how I could incorporate magic into my writing curriculum. As I started to share my new magic trick with others at the college, everyone I shared it with had an idea or a link to a video about magic (Many of which are now posted below – keep the shares coming). So, knowing that I am not the only one looking for magic in the classroom, I thought it might be fun to crowd-source the effort. I have started by sharing the magic trick I learned at the conference (it is the one above if you missed it). If you would like to learn the secret behind the trick, feel free to join us this week at Circles. We would be happy to share how it was done.

West – Nov 17th @ 1 in 6-326 & Nov 18th @ 4 in 6-326

East – Nov 17th @ 1 in 4-148 & Nov 18th @ 4 in 8-102

Winter Park – Nov 18th @ 6 in 115

Osceola – Nov 17th @ 4pm in 4-304

Lake Nona – Nov 17th @ 1pm in 122

Below you will find a variety of TED talks and videos on magic. Hopefully, they will spark your creativity for Magic in the classroom. Many of these have been shared with me over the last week or two since I came back and shared my magic trick. Some have a direct application to teaching; some you will need to work in from a tangent. If you have any great teacher tricks or magic for the classroom that you would like to share with Circles of Innovation, please let us know. We would be happy to help you share them with a larger audience.

The Reveal


For those of you interested in the solution or wondering how to do the trick in your own classroom, watch the reveal video below. Click here or on the picture to the right to get the template with instructions. Have fun.

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