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NomadCast – the first ever mobile application to let you video stream LIVE to your Facebook Friends & Twitter followers

Special thanks to John O’Keefe for sharing NomadCast with Circles of Innovation. According to John, “It is basically Periscope but better. The only drawback is that it requires an iPhone or iPad to stream. However, everyone can view the stream from any device.” Moreover, you don’t need to download software or register as a user to view the stream. Streams can be sent directly to facebook or twitter and they play inline. You can even get the embed code for them which means you can use these streams anywhere on the web, including inside Blackboard. We will test out a sample embed below. I am downloading the app now and I intend to test it out live on NomadCast. Click here to learn more. 

Below is a Youtube video that I screencasted of me testing Nomadcast after I downloaded and installed It. I realized that since the Twitter embed gave the embed code, I could easily embed the Nomadcast into other things like the Circles of Innovation website and even inside of my Blackboard courses. Now I just need to think of some lesson plans where I send students out on Walkabout to learn and teach back as part of their learning assignment. Below that, you will find the actual Nomadcast. Special Note: if you are wondering why there is no sound in the Nomadcast, that is because I turned the sound off so that I wouldn’t get feedback in my video recording. Thanks again John for the share.



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