Playing with 360 Video

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Special thanks to Rob Mccaffrey and Kyle Snavely for sharing their new toy and their expertise on 360 video. I have so many ideas for how to use this technology, I didn’t even know where to begin. I shot some footage yesterday, which I am still working editing (More on that later). And while talking with my students this morning about last week’s Screencast Tag post (Many of them are now ninja screencasters), I mentioned 360 video. Most of them already knew about it and wanted to play. So… I pulled out the camera that I had borrowed from Rob and Kyle and the interactive video adventure you see below is what we shot this morning. As I mentioned above, I have other 360 video tests in the works, but I wanted to post this to Circles today. If you have any ideas for how 360 video can be used to teach in your class, please shoot me an email. I am looking for people from different discipline areas to test some new ideas. Enough talk, let’s play.

Special Note: If you are viewing this on your computer. You will need to use the Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Safari doesnt support 360 video. Also, if you are viewing this on your smartphone, make sure you are using the YouTube App. If it is not working for you, you may need to update. Also, if you are on your smart device, click on the down arrow in the description to get the interactive links to the other video answers. This should be like a choose your own adventure book if you are playing correctly. If you are playing on your computer, YouTube annotations will give you the multiple choices. Enjoy!

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