A Trip to Serendip

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Special thanks to Steve Cunningham for sharing this “Good Read” on Serendipity – A talent for detective work!

A recent New York Times article How to Cultivate the Art of Serendipity by Pagan Kennedy has the Circles team thinking about how best to take students on “Serendipitous Trips” into learning. In the article, Kennedy notes that while many of us think of Serendipity as “Dumb Luck,” the origins of the term actually show it to be more of a skill. According to Kennedy, a European study found 50 percent of patents to be the result of a serendipitous process. Can we teach our students to be more serendipitous? Can we design learning opportunities that allow for serendipitous discovery? Would that be more engaging for students? If you are looking for an interesting article to spark your curiosity with discovery, you might want to give it a read. As I read it, I couldn’t help but think of “How Good Ideas Collide” from Steven Johnson’s RSA Animate. So for those of you who also like something to watch… Enjoy!

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