Hololens Anyone?

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Anyone interested in collaborating on an endowed chair idea for testing the possibilities of Hololens in the classroom? The first Hololens devices are shipping now. If you haven’t yet applied for an endowed chair yet, don’t forget, the deadline is next week. If by chance you would be interested in collaborating, shoot me an email. I would love to work on a Valencia team to test out teaching applications for Hololens in the classroom.

And if you like the idea of learning through virtual reality, then you also might want to check out FIU’s I-Cave.

The team  FIU is currently presenting the Globe Theater Experience. which…

 is an interactive digital narrative that brings Shakespeare’s London to life. Using FIU’s ICAVE, this stylized representation of Early Modern London creates a virtual reality experience of what it may have been like to see a play at The Globe Theater. Participants will step into the shoes of a Spanish merchant who is making his way to see a showing of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Along the way, they will experience the chaos of the area around The Globe, as well as learn what it was really like to see a play at the iconic theater in 1598. See the First Folio, and then experience the theater that brought the play to life.

To learn more, click here or on the image below. 

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