The McGurk Effect

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Is this guy saying Ga, Da, or Ba? Not sure, close your eyes and just listen. The video demonstrates an interesting sensory illusion known as the McGurk Effect. According to Dr. John Medina, the author of Brain Rules, when students receive multi-sensory input, their brains encode the information better and they are able to hold on to the information longer.  This week in Circles we will be discussing Brain Rules. Come join us if you would like to learn some bricks and clicks for making your content more brain friendly to your students. We have put a list of dates, times, and locations below. We hope to see you there.

Circles of Innovation: Brain Rules(Oct 2016)

  • West Campus on 10/11/16 in 6-326A at 1pm
  • West Campus on 10/12/16 in 6-326A at 4pm
  • East Campus on 10/11/16 in 8-102 at 1pm
  • East Campus on 10/12/16 in 8-102 at 4pm
  • Osceola Campus on 10/20/16 in 4-304 at 1:30pm
  • Lake Nona Campus on 10/18/16 in 1-301 at 1pm

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